Monday, July 19, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing (Sun)

I loathe taking plant photos on brilliant, sunny days. The colors are washed out and there is glare everywhere. Despite the sunny weather, I was determined to get some flowers photographed today - I needed to cleanse my photographic "palate" after spending two days photographing aircraft at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Air Expo 2010. While I was able to take some great shots of the static displays, photographing plants doesn't prepare one for photographing jets. I'll leave that to the folks with foot long telephoto, wide angle lenses! Just try and find a fighter jet in a clear blue sky without one - by the time you've located it - its gone.

The Shirley Poppies pictured here were photographed from underneath on a brilliant, sunny day - makes you want to stretch for the sun!

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