Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Go Spider Go!

Above: Unidentified spider hard at work on my Zebra plant

I should know better than to leave my camera in the house when I do my greenhouse chores. Not a day goes by, especially in the summer, when I spy a new subject. Today, a tiny little spider caught my eye. Having had some success in the past photographing spiders found in the greenhouse, I ran back to the house for the Canon.

Above: At this point, the spider got pretty shy; I'm just pointing my camera lens at it and hoping for the best

I was surprised the spider was still in the same spot when I returned with my camera. However, once I started shooting, the little bugger would not sit still. I simply pointed and shot the best I could, keeping my fingers crossed. I took 18 shots total - the best are posted here.

Above: Follow the light little spider, follow the light

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