Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peak Groundcover Performance

Above: Sedum spurium (aka "John Creech Sedum") flower

Ground cover plants continue to provide interest and amazement as the summer wears on. If it was not for my love of close-up images, I may have never 'seen' these flowers and appreciated them as much as I do now.

Above: Sempervivum tectorum (aka "Hens and Chicks") flower

You have to admit that even the so-common-as-to-be-boring "Hens and Chicks" produces a beautiful, complex flower.

Above: Close up of Sempervivum tectorum flower

Finally, pictured below is the flower dominating our landscape at the moment, the ubiquitous Sedum album, "Chubby Fingers".

Above: Sedum album (aka "Chubby Fingers") flower

Chubby Fingers is my personal nemesis. Due to the sheer volume of this plant found on the property, I think it is most likely to broach the perimeter of the house, and take root on our indoor welcome mat - I am sure there is enough dirt there for this tough plant to take hold. If only there were some good recipes for the stuff...

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