Friday, September 17, 2010

Botanical Bookends

Our property is packed with Cyclamen in the spring and in the late summer/early fall - when the rain returns. Since our dry season has been over for the last two weeks, the fall cyclamen have been popping up everywhere.

Therefore, they "bookend" my most active gardening phase of the year - arriving in the spring when I'm starting seeds in the greenhouse - and popping up again at the cusp of summer and fall.

Groups of Cyclamen always look, to me, like a group of people standing around, or a committee gathered for some special purpose. Look at the photo above - the flower in the middle looks like the one person in the "crowd" that noticed I was taking their picture - and he's looking at me as if to say: "who are you and what business do you have taking my photo?"


  1. I haven't found this color--we have pinks (light and dark) and white. That lavendar is gorgeous...they remind me of ballerinas on pointe...or helicopters....don't you love how flowers make us imagine? Great pix of a favorite of mine.